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Get Involved!

The NESGNA Board of Directors is excited to announce we will have 3 Director-at-Large positions available for the 2020-2021 board. We welcome you to join us!

Joining the board is a chance to become involved, develop leadership skills, and support the region by continuing to offer quality programming to our members. Submit by August 24, 2019 to be included on the ballot.

Download Join the Board Letter HERE

Complete a Nomination Form HERE

NESGNA 2019 Board Members

Sarah Keegan Argyropoulos MSN RN CGRN President
Maria Scholz MSN RN CGRN Treasurer
June Guarente MSN RN CGRN Secretary
Ellen Fern BSN RN CGRN Past President
Mary Hourihan MSN RN CGRN Program Director
Judy Oakes BSN RN CGRN Vendor Liaison
Julie OGrady BSN RN CGRN Vendor Director
Marla Tobin MSN RN CGRN Director-At-Large
Ellen Goepel BSN RN CGRN Director-At-Large
Michelle Bettinelli BSN RN CGRN Director-At-Large

SGNA Annual Course

NESGNA members had a great time attending the 2019 SGNA Annual Course in Portland, Oregon. Over the course of the conference, attendees were able to network with other regions, attend fantastic presentations, and share their knowledge with other members!

2016 NESGNA Board Photo

Janet King and Kim Seibert from MGH presenting their poster Tips for a Successful Magnet Journey: Learn from our Endoscopy Unit's Experience.

2016 NESGNA Board Photo

Michele Bettinelli and Maria Scholz from Lahey presenting their poster Journey to Excellence: Inspiring, Educating and Mentoring Staff on the Pathway to CGRN Certification.